Skoura: A Journey Into The Heart Of Morocco’s Oasis Beauty


Nestled in the southeastern region, the Skoura oasis captivates with its varied natural, cultural, and human attributes. This oasis, characterized by distinct ecological features and a rich history, provides insight into a flourishing world despite daunting climate conditions. As a treasured part of the Ouarzazate province, Skoura holds both geographical importance and cultural abundance, beckoning to travelers in pursuit of an authentic Moroccan adventure.


Skoura’s Geographical Location

Strategically situated in Morocco’s southeastern sector, Skoura falls under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ouarzazate province. Its geographical coordinates span from around 32°2′ to 22°2′ west longitude and 22°31′ to 22°31′ north latitude, positioning it alongside National Road No. 12.

Embracing the Unique Landscape of Skoura

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of the region, Skoura is bordered by Toundoute to the north and Aït Sedrat to the south. The natural boundaries of the oasis are further defined by the Oued Amderi to the west and Oued Dadès to the east and south. These geographical features encompass three vital valleys: Oued Boujhila, Oued Amderi, and Oued El Hajaj, seamlessly contributing to the oasis’s distinct character. Encompassing a total surface area of approximately 4,022 hectares within this wadi basin, Skoura’s altitudes gracefully span from 1,192 meters to 1,409 meters above sea level.

Skoura’s Climate: A Tale of Seasons

Skoura experiences a semi-arid climate, marked by scorching heat and minimal summer rainfall, as well as cool temperatures with limited winter precipitation. Summer temperatures soar between 39°C to 21°C, while the winter months occasionally see temperatures dipping below freezing, especially in December and January. This abundant sunshine contributes to an annual average of around 3,492 hours, establishing Skoura as a favored destination for those in search of sun-soaked adventures.

Skoura's Kasbah

Water Resources: Navigating Scarcity

Skoura’s environment is significantly shaped by its semi-arid climate, resulting in a pronounced scarcity of water resources. With an average annual precipitation of merely 126.9 millimeters, the region witnesses irregular seasonal rainfall, often leading to flash floods. Despite these challenges, the Oued Dadès serves as a pivotal permanent water source, vital for sustaining the densely inhabited regions of Sidi Flah and Aouled Merzouk.

A Lush Melange of Flora in Skoura

Skoura’s valleys nurture a diverse tapestry of vegetation, imparting the oasis with both visual allure and intricate morphological features. The landscape showcases an impressive array of palm trees, olive trees, fig trees, and pomegranate trees, collectively enriching its aesthetic charm. Olive trees, standing out with their robust numbers and substantial yield, take center stage. As vegetation adeptly adapts to the arid environment, its prevalence experiences seasonal fluctuations. Notably, the palm tree, fittingly hailed as the “king of trees” in the oasis, assumes a pivotal role in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Preserving the Oasis Legacy: Challenges and Triumphs

Unfortunately, Skoura’s iconic palm trees face a significant threat known as the “bayoud” disease, which has afflicted the region since 2014. This devastating disease has impacted many productive trees, including the Boskri, Fakous, and Jihel varieties. Despite this challenge, local efforts are underway to combat the disease and protect Skoura’s cultural and ecological heritage.

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