Ultimate Guide to Kasbahs and Hotels in Skoura


Skoura, a captivating oasis nestled in southeastern Morocco, is renowned for its historic kasbahs and charming hotels. Embark on this comprehensive guide to explore the architectural treasures and relaxing retreats that Skoura has to offer.


Location and Accessibility

Skoura is conveniently situated within the Ouarzazate province in Morocco’s southeastern region. It’s easily accessible via National Road No. 12, which is a well-maintained route for travelers. If you’re flying in, the nearest airport is Ouarzazate Airport, which is approximately 40 kilometers away from Skoura. You can easily find taxis or car rental services at the airport for a comfortable and scenic journey to Skoura. Whether you prefer road or air travel, reaching Skoura is both straightforward and enjoyable.

Impressive Kasbahs

  1. Kasbah Amridil:
    • Location: Central Skoura
    • Architecture: Restored with crenellated towers and lush courtyards
    • Entry Fee: Approx. 30 MAD
    • Guided Tours: Available
    • Historical Significance: Offers insight into the region’s history and lifestyle
  2. Kasbah Taourirt:
    • Location: Skoura Center
    • Architecture: Once a Glaoui residence, features hidden passages and terraces
    • Entry Fee: Approx. 20 MAD
    • Guided Tours: Recommended for in-depth exploration
  3. Kasbah El Khorbat:
    • Location: South of Skoura
    • Architecture: Houses a museum showcasing local heritage
    • Entry Fee: Approx. 40 MAD (including museum entry)
    • Guided Tours: Available
kasbah Amridil- Skoura
kasbah Amridil- Skoura

Havens of Relaxation

  1. L’Ma Lodge:
    • Location: Amidst the palm groves
    • Accommodation: Spacious rooms with modern amenities
    • Price Range: Starting from 800 MAD per night
    • Facilities: Swimming pool, gardens, and restaurant
  2. Dar Ahlam:
    • Location: Tranquil setting in Skoura
    • Accommodation: Luxurious rooms with personalized service
    • Price Range: Starting from 2500 MAD per night (all-inclusive)
    • Facilities: Landscaped gardens, spa, gourmet dining
  3. Les Jardins de Skoura:
    • Location: Scenic surroundings near the palm groves
    • Accommodation: Cozy bungalows with nature views
    • Price Range: Starting from 600 MAD per night
    • Facilities: Gardens, terrace, restaurant
Dar Ahlam- Skoura
Dar Ahlam- Skoura

Practical Tips

  • Advance Booking: To secure your preferred accommodation, book in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Local Cuisine: Explore Moroccan flavors in the kasbahs’ restaurants. Prices vary based on the establishment.
  • Customized Experiences: Many kasbahs offer tailored excursions and activities. Inquire about camel rides, farm visits, and more.
  • Respecting Culture: Embrace local customs and engage with the culture to enrich your Skoura experience.

By exploring the historic kasbahs and staying in enchanting hotels of Skoura, you’ll experience an unforgettable Moroccan journey. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, wellness seeker, or simply in search of authenticity, Skoura has something special to offer. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the charm of this oasis retreat.

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