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Morocco Unplugged : The Best Mobile Apps For Your Journey


Planning a trip to Morocco and need some handy travel apps? In today’s digital age, your smartphone can be your best travel companion. With apps catering to various needs like weather updates, local dialect translation, transportation assistance, and emergency services, your journey through Morocco is about to become even more convenient and enjoyable. Here’s a list of essential mobile applications to enhance your Moroccan adventure.

1. Méteo Maroc (Weather Morocco) ☀️🌦️

The “Météo Maroc” (Weather Morocco) app provides weather forecasts (weather, wind, humidity, tides, soil activity, ephemeris, alerts) for cities in Morocco over the next five days. You can access real-time weather updates at any time of the day.

Download the Android application

2. Darija Dialect 🗣️📚

Designed to help you understand, read, and speak the Moroccan dialect (Darija), this app is a handy tool for travelers. Whether you’re haggling at the market or using custom phrases to express yourself, this app has you covered. Plus, with other apps for weather, language translation, transportation, and emergencies, your Morocco trip will be even better.

Download the Android application

3. ONCF Trafic (National Railways Office) 🚆🚦

For travelers who plan to use trains in Morocco, the ONCF Trafic app from the National Railways Office is indispensable. It provides real-time updates on traffic conditions and vehicle circulation.

Download the Android application

4. CTM (Compagnie de Transports au Maroc) 🚌🎫

The CTM Mobile app is your gateway to buying CTM travel tickets directly from your smartphone. Enjoy high-quality coach travel and a unique transportation experience.

Download the Android application

5. Pharmacie de Garde Maroc (Emergency Pharmacy Locator) ⚕️💊

This service helps you find the nearest on-call pharmacy in Morocco, categorized by cities and sectors. It operates on a weekly schedule from Monday to Sunday.

Download the Android application

6. Autoroutes du Maroc (Moroccan Highways) 🛣️🚗

The Autoroutes du Maroc app utilizes your smartphone’s GPS to provide real-time traffic information, including accidents, public works, and traffic jams. You can customize your alerts based on specific road sections and time zones. The app also offers toll rate information and highlights points of interest along your route.

Download the Android application

7. Carte de Maroc hors ligne (Explore Morocco with Ease Using Offline Maps!) 🗺️

Planning a trip to Morocco and need a reliable offline map app? This user-friendly app operates without requiring an internet connection, saving you from costly roaming fees. With detailed maps and easy navigation, enhance your Moroccan journey and explore with confidence using this invaluable offline map app.

Download the Android application

8. XE Currency 💱🌍

XE Currency is an excellent app for travelers to keep track of exchange rates. It allows you to convert currencies and provides real-time updates on the latest rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Download the Android application

9. Moroccan Cuisine Recipes 🍽️🇲🇦

Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture by exploring its rich culinary traditions. The Moroccan Cuisine Recipes app offers a variety of authentic Moroccan recipes, allowing you to recreate traditional dishes during your visit.

Download the Android application

10. WiFi Map 📶🗺️

Stay connected with ease using the WiFi Map app. It provides a map of nearby WiFi hotspots, making it simple to find internet access while you explore Morocco.

Download the Android application

With these essential apps at your fingertips, you’ll be better prepared to explore Morocco with confidence and ease. Download them before your trip to make the most of your Moroccan adventure.

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